Bits and stuff: tech giants, token graphs and toothpaste – Sept 19, 2017

CNBC reported on a research document that places IBM ahead of Microsoft in the blockchain battle (according to a survey).

It’s not comparing like with like, though. Here’s something I wrote for CoinDesk a while ago that contrasts the tech giants’ blockchain strategies. IBM may have a greater mindshare now. But further down the road, who will have the greater flexibility?

(Actually, I think it’s IBM – Microsoft appears to be overly reliant on Ethereum, which is still very young. IBM’s blockchain platforms are also young, but much more flexible and malleable according to IBM’s criteria and goals.)

But, Simon Taylor of 11:FS wondered on Twitter about the number of “IBM is great on blockchain” articles emerging this week.

… and makes this contentiously intriguing observation:

But, here’s a report from a couple of weeks ago on how IBM needs blockchain to pull it out of its legacy slump.

I’m not saying there’s a connection…

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Outlier Ventures created a useful visual map of the token scene, grouping coins by sector. This will need more concentrated perusing, but at an initial glance, most of the action seems to be in “computing, verification and storage”, followed by “payments and banking”.

by Outlier Ventures - click to see full version
by Outlier Ventures – click to see full version

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From the New York Times’ article on what Jamie Dimon got wrong last week about bitcoin (because writing about what he got right would take up absolutely no space at all), a much cuter way to say “the genie is out of the bottle”: “the toothpaste is out of the tube”.

I hadn’t heard it before. Am I totally out of it?

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Mesmerising photos by Rune Guneriussen, via Colossal… I feel they should belong to a fairytale, only I can’t think of one that would be this interesting.




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