Bits and stuff: fake notes, debt and dragons – August 29, 2017

JP Konig’s analysis of India’s recall of banknotes to supposedly eliminate counterfeits (it turns out that either fake notes weren’t really a problem, or the government is bad at catching them) threw out this telling graph:

via Moneyness
(via Moneyness)

How come the UK has such a high percentage of counterfeit bills?

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Quartz points out that Game of Thrones was really about debt. Most great stories are, actually.

(I confess I haven’t seen any of the seasons yet… now I’m more interested in tackling it.)

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As if to help with our digestion of that revelation, Visual Capitalist shares an infographic (by Equifax) of the origins of debt. It’s visually appealing, but frustratingly limiting – the origins of debt are anything but simple, and the infographic doesn’t go into what is meant by “credit”, or why credit emerged.(And economic activity did not “grind to a halt” in the Dark Ages!)

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You thought that QR codes were so last decade? Not so.

A16z listed ways in which the pixelated boxes are used in China. You have a smattering of expected ones, plus some unusual functions: at a wedding, for instance, to make it easier to send money to the bride and groom; on beggars’ signs (this could solve the how-do-you-support-others problem of cashless societies); as part of billboards.

The one that I found most intriguing is QR codes on tombstones, that lead to you information about the deceased. Creepy, but also fascinating.


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