Daily Bits May 10th, 2017

I’ve been looking into blockchain regulation, and came across this excellent analysis of some of the main issues, by Javier Sebastián of BBVA.

Here’s a good summary.

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So, ethereum’s price is up 900% so far this year. That’s staggering. As Alyssa Hertig at CoinDesk points out, it’s also not necessarily good for the network, as it could push up the price of using it.

“Gas”, what you need to power transactions, is supposedly not linked to the ether price, but it seems that’s not working…

Many other ICOs could end up in the same position. Anyone know of other situations where similar economics play out?

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Did you know that the lawnmower kicked off the modern sports industry? According to an FT review, the authors of a new book called “When Machines Do Everything” use that anecdote to illustrate that we just don’t know what the effects of robotization will be. We worry about the loss of jobs, assuming that no new industries will emerge to mop up the surplus.

“The second [point] is that in many industries the real winners of the digital revolution are likely to be the incumbents, who adapt fast enough, rather than the insurgents, who are trying to reinvent the world. Those companies that can figure out how to leverage their deep industry knowledge with the power of machines will bring about “the revenge of the 100-year firm”.”

I take issue with the title of the book. I haven’t read it yet, but “everything”???? C’mon now.

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This is excellent, in a beautifully pedantic way:

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I’m in Brussels tomorrow for a blockchain event at the European Parliament, so the next post will probably be on Saturday… Until then!

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