Daily Bits April 19th, 2017

CoinDesk took a look at land titling on the blockchain – while chaotic property registries in some developing economies (and the economic risk they pose) are a concern, I didn’t realize it was even a problem in the US!

I also wasn’t aware that land registries are increasingly being privatized… Interesting. Will have to think a bit more about this.

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MIT Technology Review summed up Emin Gün Sirer’s talk at their Business of Blockchain conference, in which he urged caution when dealing with code. And, of course, with hype:

“Gün Sirer said, however, that the hype surrounding blockchain technologies was sometimes running ahead of the reality. He noted that some of the ideas currently receiving millions of dollars in funding seem like mediocre academic research projects.”

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Quartz published a refreshing article in defense of grumpiness at work – why pretend? (I posit that it depends on the job. If your sector lets you work in isolation, such as journalism or research, fine. But if you need to be part of a team, grumpiness does not help.)

Too much cheeriness is, to be fair, downright annoying. Being curt is fine. Being obnoxious and rude, not so much.

This stood out:

“In 2017, there’s no reason for us to grin and bear it. For one thing, researchers from Munich’s Technische Universitaet have found that women were less likely to be promoted to management positions if they appeared too cheerful.”

Seriously??? That’s enough to make me stop being cheerful, and not because I want a management position (been there, done that). Because of the stereotyping.

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Made me chuckle:

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The Spanish press reported yesterday on the government’s response to a question about their state of readiness in the eventuality of a zombie apocalypse.

It turns out that the government doesn’t have a plan.

Their justification is that they believe that, should such an eventually happen, there isn’t much they could do.

How very comforting.

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This has to be one of the most fun designs for pasta packaging out there:

Pasta Nikita Packaging by Nikita Konkin, via Colossal
Pasta Nikita Packaging by Nikita Konkin, via Colossal

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