Daily Bits March 30th, 2017

This week has been a bumper week for funding deals in the blockchain space.

IoT startup Filament raised $15m from Verizon, Bullpen Capital and others. Digital currency exchange Shapeshift scored a $10.4m round from Lakestar, Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital and other high-level VCs. And bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger raised $7m from a group of investors led by French insurance giant MAIF.

Coincidence, or the end of the quiet patch? I suspect the former, I hope the latter.

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Mind blown:

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The internet accounts for nearly 6% of the total US economy, and employs more than 3 million Americans. These are the figures in the Internet Association’s latest economic report.

I’m confused, what exactly is an internet job? If you work at Amazon, do you have an internet job or a retail job? If you work at Experia, are you in the internet or travel sector?

Why do we separate the internet economy from the rest of the economy???

Maybe you work in an internet provider. How is that different from a technology company, or a communications company?

As long as we keep on separating the “internet” from the “real world”, we keep it in a silo and block integration and acceptance that a new business reality is here.


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Benedict Evans takes a look at the not-so-obvious effects of a move to electric self-driving cars. Thought you understood the potential impact of fewer car-related injuries and more space on the street?

How about the loss of car-repair business (from fewer accidents)? Cars having a longer life and needing less frequent replacement? Why would we need gas stations? What would happen to the sale of potato crisps and soda? The lost revenue on gasoline tax?

What about car design, when you don’t need all those safety features? Cycling would become safer – just think what that could do for public health.

And what about simple human behavior? Road rage, that’s-my-parking-space, get-in-your-car-and-drive…

Notice that the subject of motorcycles has largely been overlooked.

Even so, I imagine that kids in the future will wonder what on earth those old songs were referring to…

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