Daily Bits March 26th, 2017

Welcome to Sunday’s Daily Bits, the “Alternative Media” episode 😉:

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By "Paperboyo", via Colossal
 By “Paperboyo”, via Colossal

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I came across an interesting article in Poynter today about how and why reporters use Twitter. The advantages are fairly obvious: access to sources, a broader audience, always-on monitoring of beats. The disadvantages less so:

“One of the troubling trends in Twitter use is using the 140-character message to interview sources. Reporters argue that it’s easier for people to reply via tweets, even while at meetings, versus answering a phone call. I get that. But what do we sacrifice when we don’t look a person in the eye when they answer our questions?”

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A good followup to that is this delightful story from Nieman Lab about the New York Times’ Twitter account.

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The New York Times published an article on podcasts, with a refreshing focus on the ads. I’ve long said that the underlying business model is one of the most fascinating parts of this relatively new medium.

The article’s emphasis on the personal touch in the reading aloud of ads shows the possibility for creativity in media income streams. Plus, it talked about some podcasts I didn’t know (can’t believe they still exist) but are now on my “to listen to” list.

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From The Atlantic, a thoughtful article about a video game so weird it sounds like an LSD trip (or, to be more accurate, what I imagine an LSD trip would feel like):

“People play games—and read books, and listen to lectures—not to mistake their ideas for the world, but in order to find new ways to approach that world. This fact is so obvious that it seems stupid to observe it. And yet, video games—that medium of prurient adolescent fantasy at worst, and numbing, compulsive distraction at best—rarely try, or succeed, in doing so. Especially at the level of ideas so abstract as ontology, the study of being.”


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