Bitcoin Bits taking a professional break

Hi all! I have to pause Bitcoin Bits for a bit (ha). I’m involved in a bitcoin-blockchain project now that includes an activity similar to publishing Bitcoin Bits, and I don’t want there to be any conflict of interest. Since I’m actually getting paid for that, it has to take priority.

I can’t tell you what the project is yet, but maybe soon. (wink)

I’m not abandoning the blog, though. Somehow I will find the time to continue with my research, and as you know, I enjoy sharing it with you. So there will still be new articles. Perhaps not as frequently (not that they were ever frequent, cough).

And Bitcoin Bits might well be back one day! I hope so, it was a lot of fun to do. My new job is a lot of fun, too though, and I look forward to talking more about it.

To end the weekend with a smile, this has nothing to do with anything blockchain, but you have to see this stunning photo of what must be the happiest looking caiman ever. 🙂

photo by Mark Cowan, via Colossal
photo by Mark Cowan, via Colossal – for more info, click on the photo

Back soon… (waves)

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